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What’s Missing from College Orientation? Selecting a Career Path and its Corresponding Academic Plan

Individualized career assessment | Analysis of personal career-appropriate interests and talents | Relevant 21st century career matches | College majors and minors suitable to individual career preparation | Internships and pertinent work experiences | Study skills for academic success

One Scholarship Per Week: The Search for Free Money

Where to find money for college | Strategies for consistency in your search | The critical importance of starting early | Resources for government funding without loans | Highly recommended scholarships | The scholarship application process

You CAN Earn That 4.0: Academic Skills in College

How to earn a 4.0 | The power of repetition | Mastering course projects | Acing exams | Your study calendar is your new best friend | the importance of Prior Knowledge

Do You Know How to Study? Academic Skills in High School

The power of effective note-taking| Communicating with teachers | Anticipating test content | Learning before the school year starts | Creating excellent class projects | Success requires a strategic plan

The College Search!

Characteristics of your “best match” | College search resources and how to use them to your benefit | Virtual and physical tours | Questions for college information sessions | Top academic options

8th and 9th Graders: Start Early for Maximum College Options

Career assessment | Internships and relevant work experiences | SAT/ACT preparation | Extracurricular activities | College tours and information sessions | Narrowing your college search | Building a résumé | The college application checklist for each grade

Your Vision Board for Lifelong Success

The concept of a vision board | “What kind of life do you want?” | Becoming a practitioner | Monetizing your areas of expertise | Developing curricula for non-expertise interests, i.e. “lifelong learning” | Crafting the board

What Do You Want to Be? Here’s a Quintessential Career Assessment Just for You

Diving deep to determine your innate characteristics | Matching your personal traits to applicable 21st century careers | Narrowing career options | The path to career credentialing