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Finding Money for College – Don’t Start Life in Debt!

Benefits of state and local grants | Federal student assistance | Secrets to a successful scholarship search | How to utilize FAFSA without accruing loans

Searching for the Best School For You

Tips for a productive college visit | College search tools | Determining personal needs and which colleges can meet them | HBCUs and PWIs | the Truth about the Ivy League | Important campus characteristics to consider

Relevant, 21st Century Careers That You Will Love

Current demands of the marketplace | Skills that meet marketplace demands | Career profiles matching varied interests/talents/personalities | Gaining applicable internship and work experiences | Earning professional credentials

Going Back to School

The application process | Needs of nontraditional students | Study skills for academic success | Majors and minors | Navigating virtual and physical campus resources | Becoming career-ready

The Process of Career Switching

Important reasons to change professions | Determining suitable career options | The evolving marketplace | Finding career training opportunities | Academic admission | Non-academic entryways

Military Retirement: What’s Next

Transferrable skills | Favoring a completely different career path | Financial aid for veterans | Best academic institutions for vets | Growing civilian careers of the 21st century | Acquiring work experience in new profession | Earning academic admission

The “B” Word: How a Predetermined BUDGET Can Save Your Life

Expenses | Long-term savings, Short-term savings, Charitable giving, and Lifestyle needs | Your spending account | Personal interests requiring financial support | The 100% plan | Investment options.

“Is a four-year college the only way?” Additional Learning Opportunities

Community college | Job Corps | Career and technical training schools | Apprenticeships | Academies

A Study Plan That Works: High School Seminar

Effective note-taking | The power of repetition | How to prepare for tests and unannounced quizzes | Class papers and projects

A Study Plan That Works: College Seminar

Learning from Prior Knowledge | Sending information from your short-term to your long-term memory | Acing exams | Mastering course papers and projects | Building a study calendar

What Should I Major In? Selecting Your Academic Program

Matching your major with your career interest | Minors for monetization | Selecting a minor as a second specialty | Exploring additional interests via minors | Important elective courses to consider | How to appreciate your general education courses

Climbing the Corporate Ladder You Don’t Think You Want to Climb

Everyone is ambitious for something: how to find your personal ambition | Why you “don’t care about money” | The critical role of income in your 20s | Authentic networking | Finding a mentor | Becoming the supervisor you wish you’d had | How to remain “the talent” once you’ve gained leadership status