One-On-One Advising

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College Prep Checklist for High School Freshmen through Seniors

Scholarship search | Academic success skills | Career assessment | Internship opportunities and work experiences | Résumé development | Selecting extracurricular activities | Preparing for the SAT and ACT |  Drafting  personal statement | Creating a college application spreadsheet | FAFSA completion | Preparing for application fees and other pre-college expenses | Interpreting admissions and financial aid letters | Making a final college decision | Preparation for college life

A Path to Financial Freedom: Monetizing your Interests and Talents

Jobs, professional freedom, and a combination of the two | Assessing personal characteristics from age zero to the present | Discovering your talents/interests in the context of the marketplace | Ways to monetize what you already do | A plan for lifelong learning | Creating a corresponding budget

Study plan for SAT/ACT/MCAT/LSAT and other standardized exams

The role of jargon in exam success | A study schedule that matches learning theory | Rhyming and other embarrassing memory tricks | Multiple sources of content | Becoming the test preparer | How to make the most of practice sessions

Personalized Career Assessment

Capturing your individual passion and purpose | Aligning passion and purpose to relevant professions | Examining careers in growth mode for today’s economy | Researching careers of greatest potential satisfaction | Developing a plan for entry into profession of choice

Résumé Development

Assessment of current document or list of education/work experiences | Examination of templates for comprehensive and one-page résumés | How to populate résumé items in appropriate templates | Development of concise summary/objective | Listing skills and competencies | Building original documents | Customizing résumés and cover letters to corresponding job postings

Preparing for Your Next Job Interview

Studying the organization | Analyzing the department | Matching expertise and work skills to organizational needs | Ways to add value | Discussing past successes | Anticipating questions and activities | Mock interview

Creating a Personal Statement for College Admission

Assessing video, virtual, and written personal statement options | Examining top personal statements | Brainstorming applicant’s unique characteristics | Determining theme of statement | Creating statement’s outline | Drafting a prototypical personal statement | Customizing the personal statement to specific institutions

Creating Your Annual Vision Board

A life with specific goals versus a life without | Answering “What do you want to do with your life?” | Selecting a primary interest and two areas of for personal improvement | Monetizing the primary interest | Designing curricula | Building the vision board | Referencing the board daily

For Twenty-Somethings Who Say “I Need a Guidance Counselor for Adults!”

Career assessment | Preparation for credentialing | Internships and relevant work experience | Crafting résumés and cover letters | Drafting a budget for financial stability | Multiple streams of income | Investing | Community involvement | Developing hobbies | The power of books | A well-ordered life | Setting and meeting goals