Meet our Lead Advisor


The Cameron & Daugherty Academy is an academic advising, college & career counseling, and life coaching firm based in Washington, DC. Our motto is “crafting a life of passion and purpose” and we enjoy doing just that for each of our students and clients.

We guide our clients toward relevant professions that are currently in demand, entry into higher education institutions designed to equip them for those professions, and the skills needed for academic success at all educational levels. We also love to instruct students in important life skills that include effective budgeting, entrepreneurship, and résumé development. Our clients include career switchers, high school students, parents, young adults, families, middle schoolers, and college students.

Our founder and lead advisor, Eva Nolen, as well as a team of contracted associate advisors and assistant advisors have advanced degrees in education, counseling, and content areas such as history from respected institutions that include Hampton University and the George Washington University. They have a combined several decades of successful work with students of all ages. We have taught secondary school, counseled young adults, taught in higher education institutions, provided academic advising for college students, and guided mid-career transitions. And now, we look forward to helping build your future!