Meet the Camerons and the Daughertys

Allow us to introduce you to The Cameron & Daugherty Academy! The surnames referenced in our company’s title represent strong and ambitious families. The Camerons and the Daughertys both have deep roots in the American narrative. Through centuries, members of each lineage experienced eras of agricultural tenure, ministerial callings, community engagement, family orientation, and ultimately a passion for one important value: education. By the time the two groups would meet in the persons of Anthony of the Cameron family, and Linda of the Daugherty family, the timeline of the American narrative had reached the latter half of the 20th century. It was then that the pair would produce the only two people who would embody the heritage of both families. One of those individuals is our founder, Eva Nolen.

The Camerons


The Daughertys
The Daughertys

Ms. Nolen’s experience as an educator is in teaching, counseling and academic advising.  As a high school history teacher and college/career counselor, Ms. Nolen learned firsthand that many students are confused about what their future holds and unaware of how their individual gifts and talents can make a difference in the world. These experiences at the high school level deepened her understanding of the critical nature of academic guidance for adolescents, especially those from underserved communities. Her tenure as an academic advisor at George Mason University, the largest higher education institution in Virginia, fed her desire to help students of all ages and stations in life determine their career goals and navigate the transition to and challenges of university life.

Ms. Nolen earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Hampton University and a Masters of Education from The George Washington University.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate in higher education leadership.

Through nearly 15 years of work in this profession, Eva Nolen’s commitment to building a climate for college, career, and academic success has only intensified. This sparked the birth of The Cameron & Daugherty Academy, a name that appropriately honors her forbearers whose gift to her was a strong appreciation for the importance of education. To this very day, she and her colleagues find nothing more exciting than guiding clients through academic success and to careers that match their passion and purpose.